From Experiences During the Divine Liturgy

Blessed Menas, a charismatic priest, lived at a monastery in Roumania. Every day, after the Divine Liturgy, went out to the forest outside the monastery and he chanted and glorified God with spiritual hymns.
All the birds of the forest would gather around him then, on his head, his shoulders, his arms, and he lovingly petted them. Many times, while Father Menas was chanting, the birds would stop chirping and listen to him quietly.
Since the daily services at the monastery started late at night and continued on until dawn, by the time the good priest finished consuming the Holy Gifts and disrobing himself, the sun was already shining and he would go out into the forest and delight in nature and the presence of the birds. The forest creatures and the priest together glorified the Lord this way.
Many people observed that near the end of his life, when there was a feast day and the Liturgy lasted a bit longer, the birds would gather on the roof of the church!
During the part of the Liturgy when prayers are said for the changing of the Holy Gifts into the body and blood of Christ, and the priest said, “Thine of Thine Own ,” the birds would get quiet! And when the priest ended those prayers by exclaiming, “Especially for the All-Holy, Spotless…”, and the choir chanted, “It is truly meet…,” the birds would once again begin to chirp!


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