Experiences During the Divine Liturgy

A priest related to me that during a pre-sanctified liturgy, when he was performing the Great Entrance with the “Holy of Holies” in his hands, he felt as if they started to get really heavy. They started becoming unbearable while he was holding them. He stooped down from the heavy weight and he almost knelt down in the middle of the church. He felt terror that the holy gifts would fall from his hands. In tears, while the entire congregation were also weeping along with him, he started to silently ask and implore the Lord to give him strength to get up and to continue.

My God, he cried out, have mercy on me a sinner. I am not worthy to be a priest, but help me to become worthy. Make me like the man from Cyrene, that I might carry the most precious cross of your body and blood. Make me like the man from Cyrene, Lord, the man from Cyrene!

He kept repeating this rather loudly, and the entire congregation kept repeating along with him. He regained his strength, slowly, and with great effort, and with feelings of compunction and many tears, he brought the “Holy of Holies” to the altar table. A great light came from there and many angels sang triumphant doxologies about the Entrance of the Great King. And the priest remained quiet, obviously moved by this event…


3 thoughts on “Experiences During the Divine Liturgy

  1. I have a hard time translating from the Greek, so if you see something that doesn’t seem right, tell me so I can correct it.

    I love this book “Experiences During the Divine Liturgy”, but it’s hard to translate from the Greek.

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