Greeks and Religiosity

Γενικά οἰ Ἕλληνες εἶναι ἀγράμματοι καί ἀγνοοῦν τούς θησαυρούς τῆς πατρίδας τους. Θά γίνουν θρῆσκοι ὄσο μορφώνονται. Ἀντιθετα μέ ἄλλους πού ὄσο μορφώνονται παύουν νά εἶναι θρῆσκοι.

Γιάννης Τσαρούχης


“Generally, Greeks are uneducated and ignorant of the treasures of their homeland. They become religious when they study and become educated. This is different from other nationalities, which cease to be religious when they receive learning.”


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