Syntagma Square

We are the ones that have fought for a month at Syntagma square in Athens. We organize ourselves with direct democracy excluding all political parties. Our voice is our everyday people’s assembly.

We are indignant because others decide for us without us and mortgage our future; they impose loans that do not benefit the people but the banks and governments’ interests. We are indignant because they terrify us using the deterrent of bankruptcy. Not only do they try to scare us but they also try to set people against each other.
■We do not want any more support loans.
■We do not want public property to be sold off.
■We do not want the medium-term program to pass.
■We do not want the socialization of losses and privatization of gains.

Unite your voice with ours.

They are using our sacrifices and yours so that few acquire wealth.

We are here today, you will be here tomorrow.

We take to the streets everyday.

Every Sunday hundreds of thousands of citizens gather at the squares of all Greece, Syntagma being the core.

Read more here.


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