The Destruction of Chios, 1822

“My soul only feels a little relief when I think that many young men and women of Christian descent were circumcised and now follow the salvific religion of Islam, and have been forgiven of their sins and of the certain hell which awaited them. As for my conscience regarding my uncertainty about the participation of the citizens of Chios in the insurrection caused by soldiers who were not from the island, I am at peace and I don’t feel any pangs of conscience in the least, because I have often read in the holy book of Imam Serhousni, according to his holy cannons, that cutting down a tree and cutting a man’s throat are two different things, except when that throat belongs to a Christian, and further down in the same holy writing, the wise lawmaker interprets the Quran in such a way and he says that eliminating a dishonorable Christian who apostatizes is the same as chopping down a tree or pulling a weed.”

Vahit Pasha from his memoirs

The Destruction of Chios, 1822


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